Love Will Lead You Home

Nikki O'Neill

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How are people describing Nikki's EP on iTunes?

“The new album... springs from the great American tradition of gospel soul and urban blues.”

“Compelling, meaningful and beautiful.”

“You sound as if you recorded the songs in Memphis.”

“Wait No More” is a great anthem for our time.”

I recorded the six songs on this EP from October, 2016 to January, 2017 at Ted Wulfer's 663 Sound studio in Los Angeles.

I wrote four of the songs with my lyric writing partner Paul Menser starting in May, 2016. Cody LePow, an Americana artist in LA, contributed with “I Will Cross Over.” I re-arranged it and gave it more of an upbeat, Curtis Mayfield gospel feel. “A Second Chance” is a song I had written two years earlier.

I co-produced the EP together with Ted. He did a whole lot of other stuff on it too: playing various instruments gloriously, as well as engineering and mixing.

It was mastered by Ron McMaster at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA.

And here's the little crew who played on it:

Nikki O’Neill: lead vocals, backing vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, lead guitar on “A Second Chance” and “That’s What Love Can Do”.

Ted Wulfers: backing vocals, electric guitars, electric bass, piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, lead guitars on “Wait No More.”

Rich Lackowski: drums

Special thanks to Josh Cutsinger at Hayloft Studios for drum tracking. Cover Design: Chris Moseman

(C)2017 Nikki O’Neill. (P)2017 Snowflower Music. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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