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Nikki O'Neill's 2017 EP, "Love Will Lead You Home," sounds like Chrissie Hynde hanging out with Mavis Staples in Al Green's kitchen.

Produced by Ted Wulfers at 663 Sound with Nikki O’Neill

Engineered and mixed by Ted Wulfers.
Mastered by Ron McMaster at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA.

All songs written by Nikki O’Neill (Snowflower Music, ASCAP) and Paul Menser (Gorilla Trail Music, ASCAP), except “A Second Chance” by Nikki O’Neill and “I Will Cross Over” by Cody LePow (HeathersTone Music, ASCAP.)

Nikki O’Neill: lead vocals, backing vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, lead guitar on “A Second Chance” and “That’s What Love Can Do”.

Ted Wulfers: backing vocals, electric guitars, electric bass, piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, lead guitars on “Wait No More.”

Rich Lackowski: drums

Special thanks to Josh Cutsinger at Hayloft Studios for drum tracking.

Cover Design: Chris Moseman