From the recording World is Waiting

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Music: Nikki O'Neill
Lyrics: Paul Menser

Produced by Nikki O’Neill and Joshua “Cartier” Cutsinger
Recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, TN
Engineered by Boo Mitchell
Mixed by Ethan Allen at Sun Room Studios in Boaz, AL
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, CA

Nikki O’Neill: lead vocals, acoustic guitar


Take Back What I Said

Before I even knew it
It was already done
Facing a reality
From which I couldn't run
Now I sit and wonder why
There isn’t any way that I
Can take back what I said
And get you back again

A careless word in anger
And thoughtless as I was
I would not apologize
No reason … just because
But when you shut down on me
Then I wanted desperately
To take back what I said
And get you back again

I know I was tempting fate
Now I hope it's not too late
To swallow all my pride
Please don't send me on my way
'Cause there's no price that I won't pay
To heal the hurt inside

Baby, I’ll do anything
If it'll make you see
I was wrong to make you cry
That’s not really me
I can change, I know it’s true
And the least that I can do
Is take back what I said
To get you back again

Get you back again
Get you back again